The AVTalent School-tour Program

AVTalent: School-tour is a special program created especially for high school students, intending to assist the Vietnamese student community in acquiring essential knowledge and skills while encouraging personal growth and confidence.

3 Main Contents of The AVTalent: School-tour Program 

  • Appealing Study Abroad & Scholarship Opportunities
  • Soft Skills Training Programs  
  • International and Domestic Internship Programs

Appealing Study Abroad & Scholarship Opportunities

To provide the Vietnamese student community with worthwhile scholarships and study-abroad opportunities, AVTalent collaborates and works with highly esteemed universities and colleges across numerous nations.

Study Abroad & Scholarship Programs are for students who are looking for opportunities to study and grow in a global, cutting-edge educational environment.

When participating in the Scholarship and Study Abroad Programs at AVTalent, you will receive:

  • Financial support through valuable and appealing scholarships
  • Support completing procedures until departure
  • Study abroad through the study-by-work program
  • Introducing jobs for graduates
  • The opportunity to remain and find employment overseas once the study program is over

Soft Skills Training Programs For Students at AVTalent

Apart from academic knowledge, students must also acquire the soft skills necessary for personal growth and increased self-assurance.

For Vietnamese students, AVTalent develops and delivers Soft Skills Training Programs. The instructional materials are selected and assembled by a group of experienced mentors with extensive backgrounds in human development and education.

Content of the Soft Skills Training Program:

  • Creativity and innovation skills
  • Skills in using information and communication technology
  • Personal development skills
  • Skills to build self-image
  • Critical thinking skills

International and Domestic Internship Programs

International Internship Programs

AVTalent’s International Internship Programs are a fantastic opportunity for Vietnamese students to explore and develop themselves in an international environment.

It will be more than just a business visit tour and a country discovery — there will be amazing journeys and a ton of memories made with friends from all over the world.

The International Internship Programs aim to assist Vietnamese youth in fully developing themselves by equipping them with the following skills:

  • Practice and cultivate soft skills through practical application
  • Expand your vision of and knowledge of the world around you
  • Build a global network of friendships
  • Encourage creativity and flexible thinking
  • Develop your leadership skills, and become independent, confident, and capable of making decisions.

AVTalent: One Day Trip – Domestic Experience Programs

AVTalent develops One Day Trip programs that are tailored to the needs of Vietnamese students to provide young people with more engaging real-world experiences and career guidance from knowledgeable and experienced mentors.

Objectives of One Day Trip programs:

  • Observe and participate in the business’s real operational procedures
  • Possess a more innate understanding of the professions
  • Establish your future professional objectives
  • Reduce the time it takes for students to find suitable careers
  • Practice and acquire the necessary soft skills

Young people who sign up for AVTalent: School-tour will have lots of chances to discover new and exciting experiences, pick the brains of experienced mentors, and make friends from around the world.

The AVTalent School-tour Program
The AVTalent School-tour Program.

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AVTalent – Where young Vietnamese talents develop

AVTalent is a company specializing in educational training, technology, and human resource development. With the use of modern methods of instruction, AVTalent helps students to acquire knowledge efficiently and quickly.

Furthermore, we offer experiential programs to businesses, personnel, and students in Vietnam that enhance the relationships and skills essential for future growth.


AVTalent’s vision is to become the largest company specializing in education, technology, and human resource development in Vietnam while providing practical experience programs in an internationalized environment for young talents, businesses, and human resources in Vietnam.


AVTalent’s mission is to create the best training environment and develop human resources, always promote program quality, and accompany students and customers during the experience.


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