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AVTalent – Where young Vietnamese talents develop

AVTalent is a company specializing in educational training, technology, and human resource development. With the use of modern methods of instruction, AVTalent helps students to acquire knowledge efficiently and quickly.

Furthermore, we offer experiential programs to businesses, personnel, and students in Vietnam that enhance the relationships and skills essential for future growth.


AVTalent’s vision is to become the largest company specializing in education, technology, and human resource development in Vietnam while providing practical experience programs in an internationalized environment for young talents, businesses, and human resources in Vietnam.


AVTalent’s mission is to create the best training environment and develop human resources, always promote program quality, and accompany students and customers during the experience.

Core Values

To become different and optimize products and services, AVTalent has been concentrating on developing 2 core values:



AVTalent is constantly looking for new, creative solutions to bring the best learning and development experiences to students and customers.



AVTalent is committed to providing high-quality training and human resource development programs that meet the actual needs of the market.


With those mentioned core values, AVTalent is confident it to be the top choice for students, businesses, and personnel in Vietnam on their journey of personal development and future success.
AVTalent believes that the young generation is the future of the country, and we want to contribute to helping young people develop comprehensively and become positive factors in society.


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The target customers that AVTalent is especially interested in are candidates who are looking for official jobs or internships. Candidates want to have a suitable career orientation for themselves and participate in training courses on knowledge and professional skills necessary for the job.

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AVTalent targets businesses willing to pay to provide skills training courses for employees and products and services designed to suit the requirements of each business.

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Educational partners who need to help students approach recruiting companies and participate in internship programs at home and abroad are always potential customers of AVTalent.


Ms. Luong Ngoc Tran CEO & Founder

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