The AVTalent Uni-tour Program: Connecting and Hosting Workshops

The AVTalent Uni-tour program is a brand-new set of events designed specifically for students, to assist you in enhancing your skills, growing your knowledge base, and finding appropriate employment opportunities.

Intending to serve as the ideal intermediary between talented students and reputable professional organizations, AVTalent runs the Uni-tour program, collaborating with partners to arrange workshops at colleges, universities, and high schools.

3 Main Contents of The AVTalent Uni-tour Program

  • Workshop: Sharing Professional Working Skills
  • Workshop: Recruitment Connection helps students access career opportunities quickly
  • International and Domestic Internship Program

Workshop: Sharing Professional Working Skills

AVTalent cooperates with reputable educational partners to host workshops to meet and share experiences and skills at Universities, Colleges, and High Schools.

The team of speakers are experienced experts with strong communication skills who are particularly passionate about education and training creative and talented young human resources.

The content of the workshop:

  • CV writing skills – Interview to impress employers in multinational corporations
  • Professional working skills meet the Group’s development needs
  • Professional skills necessary when working in a corporation
  • Methods of building social relationships at work
  • Skills for career advancement

The Recruitment Connection – Employment Support Program

The Recruitment Connection – Employment Support Program is the perfect bridge, creating opportunities for bright candidates to meet businesses and recruitment partner companies, thereby grasping the latest information about the labor market and finding a job that suits your orientation.

The Recruitment Connection – Employment Support Program helps you connect and arranges activities where you can hear from people who have years of work experience from businesses and recruitment partners. This gives you a sense of what it’s like to work in a real workplace and gives you useful knowledge before you start working.

International and Domestic Internship Program

AVTalent is an organization that specializes in planning domestic and international internship programs that allow students to visit and explore businesses and universities.

With a wide range of connections to businesses and universities across the globe, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and others, AVTalent will provide students with worthwhile and meaningful travel experiences.

The Goal of The AVTalent Uni-tour Program

  • Encourage students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge before starting a job.
  • Supports social relationship building and network expansion
  • Arranging for students to go on experiences that are both educational and useful
  • Recognize the requirements for education and qualifications, fulfilling the demands of hiring companies

Benefits of Students When Participating

  • Listen to practical experiences shared by senior staff of businesses and recruitment partners
  • Be guided and trained by skill training experts
  • Received many valuable skills training scholarships
  • Connect with recruitment partners
The AVTalent Uni-tour Program: Connecting and Hosting Workshops
The AVTalent Uni-tour Program: Connecting and Hosting Workshops.

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AVTalent – Where young Vietnamese talents develop

AVTalent is a company specializing in educational training, technology, and human resource development. With the use of modern methods of instruction, AVTalent helps students to acquire knowledge efficiently and quickly.

Furthermore, we offer experiential programs to businesses, personnel, and students in Vietnam that enhance the relationships and skills essential for future growth.


AVTalent’s vision is to become the largest company specializing in education, technology, and human resource development in Vietnam while providing practical experience programs in an internationalized environment for young talents, businesses, and human resources in Vietnam.


AVTalent’s mission is to create the best training environment and develop human resources, always promote program quality, and accompany students and customers during the experience.


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